The Samwald research group works on strategies for high-impact interventions and risk mitigation at the interface of artificial intelligence and biomedical research / health care. Our group is part of the Section for Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria.


Assoc.-Prof. Matthias Samwald, PhD (principal investigator) → more information
Dr. med. Kathrin Blagec (project assistant)
Hong Xu, BSc, MSc (project assistant)
Anna Breit, BSc (masters student, computer science)

Funded projects

Granted August 2015: Horizon 2020 project “Ubiquitous Pharmacogenomics (U-PGx): Making
actionable pharmacogenomic data and effective treatment optimization accessible to every
European citizen”. Role: Co-initiator, work package leader and executive board member. Total EU contribution 14,9 million €, budget for Medical University of Vienna:  1.429.783 €

Granted March 2013: FWF stand-alone project “Information technologies for clinical pharmacogenetics”, P 25608-N15. Budget: 295.942 €


Hans Kerschbaumer (masters student, medicine)
Wolfgang Kuch
(masters student, medicine)
Sebastian Hofer, MSc (PhD student)
Anna Riedl
(project assistant)
Paul Schrödl, BSc
 (masters student, computer science)
Jose Antonio Miñarro Giménez
, PhD (postdoc)
Georg Petz
(external masters student, computer science)

AI Strategies project

Please note that we recently launched a prototype of the AI Strategies platform which is dedicated towards finding the most impactful and beneficial ways for utilizing AI.