The Samwald research group works on identifying high-impact digital interventions at the interface of health, technology, ethics and education. Our group is part of the the Section for Artificial Intelligence at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria.


Asst.-Prof. Matthias Samwald, PhD (principal investigator) → more information
Dr. med. Kathrin Blagec (project assistant)
Sebastian Hofer, MSc (PhD student, project assistant)
Hong Xu (project assistant & diploma student, medical informatics)
Wolfgang Kuch (diploma student, human medicine)
Hans Kerschbaumer (diploma student, human medicine)
Eric Knoll (diploma student, human medicine)
Luise Krug (diploma student, human medicine)


Jose Antonio Miñarro Giménez, PhD (Postdoc)
Georg Petz
(external diploma student, computer science)